The Parish Council

Current members: 

Paul Fennell (Chairman) (Broadwell)

 Sheila Fennell (acting Clerk) (Broadwell)

 Jane Cresswell (Leamington Hastings)

 Don Fardon (Kites Hardwick)

 Mrs. C.  Cooke (Hill)

Further information may be obtained from the Chairman -

Parish Council Meeting Agenda:-   LHPCAgenda.pdf

Parish Council Meeting Minutes:-  LHPCmin.pdf

Parish Council Members List:- lhpcmem.pdf

Parish Council Audits:-  lhpcaudit1.pdf lhpcaudit2.pdf lhpcaudit3.pdf lhpcaudit4.pdf lhpcaudit5.pdf

Parish Council Expenditure:-  LHPCexp.pdf    



 LHPC Audit = Please follow the links

audit.pdf  audit1.pdf



Changes at Broadwell Neighbourhood Watch

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